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ANAC and SAWC Sign Five Year Memorandum of Agreement to the Benefit of Conservation and the Protection of Biodiversity in the Region

Dr. Bartolomeu Soto, Director General of ANAC - The National Administration of Conservation Areas in Mozambique (left), recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the CEO of the Southern African Wildlife College, Mrs. Theresa Sowry, to the benefit of conservation and the protection of biodiversity in the region.
April 2017 - Dr. Bartolomeu Soto Director General of ANAC (The National Administration of Conservation Areas in Mozambique) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the CEO of the Southern African Wildlife College, Theresa Sowry, which will facilitate the effective implementation of the objectives and principles established in the Convention on Biological Diversity, the SADC Protocol on Wildlife Management and Law Enforcement and Mozambican Policy on Biodiversity Conservation.

The two parties jointly recognise the need for the conservation and protection of biodiversity, compliance and law enforcement and the MoU is designed to underpin the urgency of finding viable ways and durable solutions towards establishing a cooperative approach to training within the sector.

“Both ANAC and the SAWC share common ideas, responsibilities and goals and intend raising the level of cooperation to ensure the training of ANAC staff to benefit the conservation areas of Mozambique,” said Dr. Soto. “Both parties are convinced that this five-year, renewable memorandum will bring benefits to the sustainable management of natural resources, a reduction of human-animal conflict and will promote conservation objectives and activities,” he added.

“The College’s role will be to assist with the training of ANAC staff personnel in natural resource management and to contribute to building institutional capacity in response to the challenges imposed on the sector,” said Mrs. Sowry. 

The two parties shall establish cooperation for the training of staff in conservation areas, covering the following activities:

1. Strengthening of ANAC's institutional capacity in natural resource management, community development, ecological management, tourism guides, sustainable use of wildlife and fiscal training.  

2. Establishing an exchange of experience between the officials of both institutions. 

3. Fundraising to guarantee scholarships for ANAC staff. 

4. Creating of opportunities to carry out research on various aspects related to the management of natural resources.

The National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) is a public institution with administrative autonomy responsible for the management of conservation areas in Mozambique and for the protection of fauna species throughout the national territory, ensuring and safeguarding the sustainability of biodiversity through the National System of Conservation Areas.

The Southern African Wildlife College is an independent non-profit SADC- recognised conservation Higher Education and Training institution. It is a strategic partner to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in South Africa and a major contributor to conservation education, training and skills development within the region. The SAWC is recognized as the strategic implementation to the DEA and has also been appointed as the lead implementer of the Biodiversity Delivery Lab capacity building initiative. Both the DEA and the SAWC work closely to realise the goals and objectives of this key initiative, which will impact vulnerable communities.

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